Weekend Read: Language Acquisition


It begins at an outdoor café while you’re working for a month in central Mexico. From one table away, you zero in on his brown forearm, the two black cuffs tattooed around it. You want to touch those cuffs, encircle his arm with your hands. Soon you’ll learn the word esposas, which means both “handcuffs” and “wives,” but today you know only polite Spanish, please-and-thank-you Spanish. You smile at him until he approaches. When he asks if you have a boyfriend, you start to cry and can’t stop. You want to explain something to him — that you loved someone the way a dog loves her owner — but the only available language is snot. He holds a cocktail napkin to your nose. “Blow,” he says. For a second, you think he’s serious. Then you laugh so hard you feel something shift, the way the sky shifts from blue to pink.

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween has started early for us this year, we’ve already been to two parties! Little one went as a vampire (she struggled with her decision because she wanted to make sure she went as something “cool”). She ended up winning best costume so hurray for her (and me, who would not have heard the end of it had she not won!) We’re throwing a small party of our own soon and i’ve been obsessing over a Wonderwoman costume I saw, which if i’m being honest, is what i’d like to wear all day, every day… okay, fine, I won’t get carried away.

What are some of your costumes? And what are some of your Halloween traditions?