A Month Of Margaret Atwood

This has been a good year for Margaret Atwood’s TV career as two of her books-turned-TV-shows have gotten raving reviews (and a few Emmy wins), which is why i’m recommending you dedicate December to catching up on them and a book or two by this insanely talented Canadian author!

Week 1 & 2: Watch ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

This dystopian tale is set in future America where religious dictatorship rules pall and women are enslaved and used by families to produce children. Ladies, be warned, you’ll want to rip out your ovaries and burn them after watching this show.

Week 3: Read ‘Cats Eye’

A perfect example of what a literary genius Atwood is. Read this, bow to it a couple of times, publicly acknowledge that you will never produce something as good and then pass it along to a friend.

Week 4: Watch Alias Grace

End the month with this short six-part series that follows the murder trial of a young maid in the 1800s. The series is perfectly executed and will keep you pressing the next episode button immediately after each one ends.

Three Thrillers to Curl Up to This Winter

My favorite season is finally upon us and one of my favorite things to do on weekend mornings when skies are gray and rain is crashing against the windows of my bedroom is read. And what better genre to read as the storm brews outside than can’t-put-me-down page turning thrillers? Here are the last three thrillers I couldn’t put down…

Behind Closed Doors – This one is a light read that hits the ground running from page one. The novel is about Grace, who seems to have the perfect life; she’s married to a handsome man, lives in a beautiful home, and always looks enviably well-kept but…. (yes ladies, we all know there’s a catch when a handsome man with a mansion shows up). Grace doesn’t have a cellphone and she never shows up for the plans she makes. I was desperate to find out what Grace was hiding and so will you.

All The Missing Girls – This book hit me hard in the nostalgia organ. Nicolette is forced back to the small town she managed to escape from 10 years ago (will the past just get over itself and leave us be?) to face her demons. These demons come in the form of a dead father, her best friend (the damaged, popular girl who is naturally, too hot for her own benefit) and the first love she thought she had gotten over (insert eye roll, snorting, and hysterical sobbing). 

We Need to Talk About Kevin – I don’t know how dark and disturbed you guys are, but sometimes I like to take things a bit too far. This book is a perfect example of one that will traumatize you for the next six to eight months (at least). The novel is told through letters written by a woman to her husband about their son Kevin. It is fantastically written and not for the faint of heart. 

What are some of your favorite thrillers?