I Drank 3 Liters of Water for 3 Months

Yes, I basically lived in the bathroom the entire time and yes, I definitely saw improvement in my hair and skin but that was all expected. What I didn’t expect to happen though was…

… for my mood swings to (ahem, noticeably) decrease. I kid you not, it was like a black veil was lifted from in front of me and suddenly the birds were singing and the sun was brighter (fine, it wasn’t that dramatic, but I did notice the sun okay?).

… to become less sluggish. Three months ago my mornings basically consisted of me tucked beneath my sheets, hot tea in hand crying “why have you abandoned us” to the moon and yelling at my daughter to make sure she didn’t forget to put random things in her backpack. Now in the mornings i’m actually up and out of bed and physically running after my daughter (while I yell at her to put random things to put in her backpack).

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