A Month Of Margaret Atwood

This has been a good year for Margaret Atwood’s TV career as two of her books-turned-TV-shows have gotten raving reviews (and a few Emmy wins), which is why i’m recommending you dedicate December to catching up on them and a book or two by this insanely talented Canadian author!

Week 1 & 2: Watch ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

This dystopian tale is set in future America where religious dictatorship rules pall and women are enslaved and used by families to produce children. Ladies, be warned, you’ll want to rip out your ovaries and burn them after watching this show.

Week 3: Read ‘Cats Eye’

A perfect example of what a literary genius Atwood is. Read this, bow to it a couple of times, publicly acknowledge that you will never produce something as good and then pass it along to a friend.

Week 4: Watch Alias Grace

End the month with this short six-part series that follows the murder trial of a young maid in the 1800s. The series is perfectly executed and will keep you pressing the next episode button immediately after each one ends.

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