Have a Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was spent getting a much needed massage at the spa followed by a low key dinner with some friends. The topic of the evening was: if there was a war and we had to live abroad what would we do for money? Sadly, that was the evening we all realized how little skills we had and settled on hairstylist, shawarma stand owner and english tutor!

Anyway, I try to fit in a massage every week but unfortunately with a young kid and a full time job that can be hard to do. This was a lesson I learned early on from my mother who always stressed the importance of getting regular massages for stress relief and blood flow. I can’t tell you guys how much it has helped over the years! What are some of the best spas you’ve been to around the world?


…. your New Years Eve plans have been sorted, you’re welcome

…. and check out the most expensive house in the world

… this Finnish journalist’s opinion on the crucial mistake American’s make in how they view life 

… do we love or hate this leather jacket?

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